Creating the Right Custom Care for Your Loved Ones

You do not have to be bed-bound to receive spiritual and emotional support to our local hospice patients and their families.

— We provide in-your-home hospice nurses and palliative care professionals who can help with pain and suffering. We understand what you are going through when it comes to family hospice care.

— We arrange for a professional caregiver to provide whatever services you need at home, whether it’s help with everyday household chores or round-the-clock care for your loved one* We gladly help manage your loved one’s pain and reduce your family’s anxiety during this emotionally packed and heartbreaking period of time.

— We even have specialized teams and clinicians who understand foreign languages from Spanish, Russian and Korean to Cantonese to Tagalog and the cultures they represent.

— We also offer assisted living communities and residential care facilities – but we know you’re your family’s choice is to bring your loved one home to rest in peace.

Here’s what else our compassionate and international hospice staff can offer you and your loved ones during this emotional time of need:

* Educational materials and bereavement support groups
* Memorial services with telephone calls and visits by professional staff
* Community resource referrals, grief therapists and legal services, etc.


Our ultimate goal, much like your own, is to allow an ill family member or dear friend to remain as restful, pleasant and pain-free as possible. Depending on the program or level of care you chose, and most appropriate, US Medtrade Hospice can be provided at home or in a comfortable facility. Services typically extend to support for the entire family in these cases, and not just the patient.